Reflections on beginning the Coaching Journey with Sandown Business School.

I started the Practitioner Diploma in Coaching with Science, Artistry and Systems course in March 2023. I have no experience in Coaching so have found the prospect quite daunting but I’ve also found the course content to be very engaging and stimulating. The course is extremely well structured with plenty of resources, video content and reading which gets released at predetermined times. This structured approach has helped me to stay on track, although I have found the time zones and daylight savings changes to be a challenge.

The first month’s content has been focused on setting ourselves up for success and preparing our learning journey as well as introducing us to some of the basic principles and tenets of coaching practice and Sandown Business School’s own Coaching Map and approach to coaching. We’ve also been introduced to and prepped for our accreditation journey and invited to start reflecting on which accreditation standard we’d like to pursue throughout this course and beyond.

I’m finding that much of the course to date has been as much about our own preparedness to coach others and acceptance of ourselves as resourceful, creative and whole beings as much as the coaching skills themselves. This has led me to reflect on my own journey and to ensure that I put the adequate focus on ensuring I believe I am resourceful, whole and creative to ensure I can bring a coachee on that journey in the future.

It’s been refreshing and a relief to see that we are being coached through this journey ourselves and are prepped for every step throughout the process. Coaching is of course very experiential and as such, we’ve already within the first month, had the opportunity to practice some coaching on a number of occasions. The first time was a 5 min coaching slot, then a 10 min and a 15 min coaching practice. We’ve been provided with thorough instructions and structure each time which has meant that although I was fearful ahead of each practice session, I felt like I’d been set up for success.

Each month has been structured to contain a module of learning with an observed practice session alongside each module. In addition, there are scheduled Group Competency Coaching sessions as well as Skills Practice Groups, Tutor Group Mentoring and Guest Speaker events. It is not an understatement to say that the course is thorough and intense but ultimately, this is what will push us into becoming highly skilled and experienced coaches.

I am reminded of some of the content provided and specifically a video by Dr. Andrew Huberman on neuroplasticity – the ability of the brain to grow new neural pathways and connections and to restructure and reorganize itself through learning – where I learned that neuroplasticity can only occur through periods of intense focus followed by deep rest. To date, this course has certainly triggered some intense focus and so I sign off tonight with the intention to rest accordingly!

By Emilie Rousseau

Student, SBS Practitioner Diploma in Science, Artistry and Systems


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