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The world is in an emergent state of demand which has never been experienced before. Leaders are being asked to cope with more demands on their attention, energy and focus – we are truly in an age of mass distraction. However, Leaders are still expected to be developing and creating thriving, high performing teams, who are able to work in this emerging digitally led workplace environment and ultimately deliver on all the expectations and more. We therefore need different types of leadership intelligences and capabilities, integrated into our way of ‘being’ and way of leading others.

Whilst traditional leadership supported you to get things done and was successful in the past, with the emergence of the changing landscape for leadership there are now new questions being asked: ‘What is leadership today?’ and ‘What is needed for leadership today?’ and ‘How am I ‘being’ rather than What am I ‘doing’? 

Therefore the demands of Leaders today are:-

  • We need Leaders who can embrace a BANI world.
  • We need Leaders who are fearless and able to tackle the ‘wicked issues’ of our time.
  • We need Leaders who are able to demonstrate empathy, compassion and understanding.
  • We need Leaders we can trust.
  • We need radical whole-system human Leaders.

The inner resource of a Leader has become an area of attention and challenge. Are you developing yourself as a Leader to be whole, creative and resourceful? 

The Alchemy of Leadership

Recognising these challenges, we have developed our Signature Model. We would love to lead you in exploring this model with us which is seeking to capture the whole-system human leader.

Starting with the outer circle, this represent the systemic environment we are all influenced by and being continually influenced by. Inside the circle is how leadership holds its shape by understanding the balancing power of this triangle – Altruism, Ambition and Authenticity. Each part of the triangle plays an equal and significant role in mastering the alchemy of contemporary leadership.

We define the Alchemy of Leadership as learning how to balance the wisdom of People, Power and Performance. We recognise that humans are complex systems, chaos capable and emergent in nature therefore, mastering the skills and competencies of our alchemical leadership model will become your competitive advantage.

All our programmes are built upon SAS Leadership Competencies which have been informed by Science, Psychology and Ontology.
  • The level of global uncertainty is unprecedented
  • The constant need to adapt
  • Digital disruption
  • Real time challenge of how convenient convenience has become
  • Nomadic career and lifestyle opportunities
  • The need to re-resource financial certainty
  • Social media heightening fantasy and polarity of views
  • Social mistrust.
According to Hooijberg & Watkins (2021) “Effective Leadership in hybrid conditions require new skills. Leaders need to play four roles – Coach, Conductor, Catalyst, and Champion”.  Which role requires development for you?
  • The need for finely tuned social alchemy
  • Need for 3-Brain emotional intelligence
  • Entrepreneurial talent and risk taking
  • Regular brand reinvention
  • Courageous leadership
  • Inter-generational team coherence
  • Advanced communication skills
  • Everybody has a role in sales
  • Neuroscience of higher cognitive function skills
  • Willingness to be role agile.

“The biggest business trend we’ll encounter will be ‘strategic multi-tasking”.  London Business School (LBS) Jan ‘22

  • Those wanting to become a strong confident leader in the new ‘now’ normal.
  • Those needing additional human behavior knowledge, skills & expertise.
  • Professionals seeking depth to their impact and presence.
  • Those wanting to be known as transformational.
  • Those responsible for creating healthy, high-performing teams.
  • Leaders desiring neuro-resilience to effectively lead in a BANI landscape.
  • Anyone recognising their need to deepen their understanding of who they are, how they can live their purpose and what is required for a healthy systemic leadership in today’s environment.

    If you can say yes to any of these needs – our programmes are designed with you in mind. 



You can expect high calibre global leadership programmes that will provide you with relevant and up-to-date theories, models, skills, practices and applications that enable systemic quality leadership today and beyond.

Our Signature models have been developed from many years of experience. Our facilitators are accredited Professionals who have proven track records with extensive business and organisational experience. Each Signature model is focused on growth – providing you with the challenge of building and developing an emergent mindset that is adaptive, agile and resilient. 

We are committed to the pursuit of excellence based on robust science, honouring the uniqueness of each developing leader. 

And finally, FUN. We have designed stimulating, demanding and enjoyable programmes that will bring out and develop your own inherent knowledge and abilities.

Be prepared to grow and develop.

We believe in our quote “Inner Leadership is mirrored in outer Leadership” therefore you can expect: a) support as you challenge your leadership filters, bias, and assumptions; b) to embed your learning by practice, observation and receive feedforward from a variety of sources; and most importantly c) to deepen and enrich your ability to peak the potential within self and others.

This is our invitation to you …
Come and develop the world behind your eyes in order to have a positive healthy impact on those you lead, those you influence and the stakeholders who have high expectations of you. Develop and trust your authentic inner leader, align your systemic resources, be confident in knowing who you are and how to remain balanced, resourced, resilient and strong.

We know the amazing leader you are – the question is … do you?

Signature 3P's Model - Skills for 2022 + Beyond

People Skills
Skills supporting people to belong and have healthy relationships.

Power Skills
Skills supporting people’s innate power to excel in their roles and lives. 

Performance Skills
Skills supporting people to make a healthy impact in all they do.

Come and explore our programmes and find the right one for you.

For Individuals


Coaching is a healthy space of frustration that enables creation”.

Choose from our Accredited Coaches who have vast experience in business and professional environments and are ready to support your leadership and professional success.

What will make the difference between your predictable leadership style and the leadership style you know supports your future ambition. What we know is that it takes one brave decision. Partner with us and make that decision today….

Leadership Supervision

“How you are … is how you lead”.

Come to a space where you can challenge your own patterns, behaviours, filters, assumptions, bias and walk away fully resourced as an empowered leader.

Contact us about your CPD and meet your leadership development requirements by engaging with one of our fully qualified and experienced Leadership Supervisors.

 Ask yourself…

Do you know your power? Are you aware of the shadows cast? You never find your blindspots alone.

Psychometrics, 360 and EQI Assessments

We offer a range of psychometric tools ranging from the individual EQi, Leadership Profile 360, Hogan, MBTI Step I and II – through to team psychometrics such as DISC, FIRO-B and McQuaig.

Highlighted benefits:

  • Leverage the true data and evidence and get an accurate starting place for your learning deveopment journey.
  • Enjoy the rigour of science
  • Be able to see evidence of change and transformation
  • Understand your true resource bank of wisdom

For Organisations

One-Day People Management Courses

‘Managers are the glue that keep people empowered, and performing as long as the know how’

Choose from a variety of specialised unique one day online/live courses focused on current business challenges. Each one-day course offers high impact, results driven content which can be immediately applied. The content is emergent and will be updated as often as the research and/or business needs change direction and focus.

Contact us for Testimonials 

Team Coaching

Thriving teams gives you the best opportunity to turn vision into reality”

For teams to really step up in this ever-changing environment, they need to be performing at their optimum levels. Taking a coaching approach ensures an agile mindset, a cornerstone of trust and directed sense of purpose which generates greater opportunity for high performance.

Ask us how we can help you build healthy, courageous teams using our 3Ps signature model – People, Power and Performance.

Impact Workshops

We have developed a catalogue of high impact workshops where you can select the priority 3, 5 and/or 8 workshops that best serve your organisational requirements.

Each workshop is 2 hours and delivered online. Additional support materials are available and are optional depending on learning goals. These include pre and post workshop video learning content, e-workbooks and post-workshop embedding exercises using our bespoke Learning Management System.

Leadership in Sport

Leadership in Sport programmes coming in 2023

Leadership in Sport programmes coming in 2023

‘Today’s consumers are seeking a more meaningful connection with brands. And this need for connection has given rise to authenticity as a business trend in its own right. Authenticity helps to foster human connections – because, as humans, we like to see brands (and business leaders) display important human qualities like honesty, reliability, empathy, compassion, humility, and maybe even a bit of vulnerability and fear. We want brands (and leaders) to care about issues and stand for more than just turning a profit”. Forbes 2021

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