Reflection – System Coaching.

For this reflection piece we are going to look at the benefit of a coach holding a systemic lens when partnering with their client.

Let’s take a moment to picture a typical coaching session; a client and a coach in partnership together, each of them in the space. Now, let’s look a little closer at this from the perspective of the coach observing their client. What is the coach noticing when they look at their client in front of them? Or ask yourself, imagine you were the coach here, what are you observing as you look at the client?

This reflection is an interesting one! As a coach how we view or see our clients will directly impact on our ability to partner with the client, develop that safe transformative space with our client as they move forward with their agenda.

Holding a system lens as a coach enables our clients to see a wider picture or perspective about themselves. Holding this understanding of system knowledge enables a coach to better understand and support their clients within the larger context of the systems they operate in.

So here are some of the benefits of having system knowledge in coaching:

1. System knowledge allows coaches to take a holistic approach to coaching, considering not only the individual client but also the various systems that influence behaviour and decisions.

2. Understanding the systems that influence a clients’ behaviour and decisions allows coaches to tailor their coaching approach to the clients, ensuring that their coaching is effective and relevant.

3. By understanding the various systems at play, coaches can recognise any limiting beliefs, assumptions, or systemic issues that their clients may be holding.

4. Understanding the systems at play can also help coaches to improve their communication with their clients. By speaking the same ‘systemic language’, coaches and clients can better understand each other, leading to more effective communication and coaching outcomes.

5. System knowledge can also help clients to make better decisions. By considering the larger systems at play, clients can make more informed choices that are aligned with their goals and values.

6. By understanding the larger systems at play, clients can gain a greater sense of control over their lives (and careers).

Overall, system knowledge is a crucial component of effective coaching, enabling coaches to take a holistic approach and empower their clients to make longer term transformative actions.

By Susie Leacy, Student at Sandown Business School.

Studying the Master Diploma in Leadership Coaching & Mentoring with Science, Artistry and Science.


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