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2-Day 'Leader as a Coach' Intensive Online
with Science, Artistry and Systems

Join the programme and you will

Navigate challenges by avoiding threats and maximising rewards, and unlock your potential so you can be the best version of yourself and thrive.

Be mentored by Master Coaches for 2 days

Secure your place for with a $75 deposit ($575 full-price) today while you still can!

Only 20 seats available.

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"The programme is amazing Pheona. I have been on many courses including a masters and have never received the level of detail and well-thought-out content as is in this programme. I am delighted to be able to take the course. Thank you."

Nicole K.

What Can You Expect To Learn

On Our 'Leader As Coach' Programme?

Gain a solid foundation about how to lead with a coaching mindset and walk away with a credential from the AC 'Recognised Course Leader as Coach', plus hours towards a credential with the EMCC and ICF.

What we're going to deep dive into


What is Coaching?

This Foundational programme explains what coaching is, how it can be applied to modern leadership in the workplace and how it differs from similar disciplines such as mentoring, counselling, training and managing. It also explores the neuro-evolution of professional coaching.


How You Are is How You Coach

This is foundational to all our work and is one of the many aspects of learning that sets us apart. You will explore the anatomy of self-regulation and co-regulation, identify your values and how these impact your coaching conversations.


Co-Active Coaching Skills

You will be introduced to five co-active coaching skills that will enhance how you work with your colleagues, peers, direct reports and stakeholders. These coaching skills are: listening, questioning, summarising, reframing and systemic awareness. The course explores the principles behind each and establishes how they are used in coaching conversations.


Coaching Structure

Most schools offer linear coaching models which we find people struggle to remember and fail to continue to use long after the training has completed. Instead, we want to make your job even easier and support you to get straight into an empowering coaching conversation. We will be sharing a biological integrative model that sets up every conversation in the right way.


Relational Intelligence

We will support you to further develop your interpersonal skills by learning how to design better developmental and performance management conversations, build rapport, manage expectations and set goals that are aligned to personal, professional and business agendas.


The Alchemy of Transformation

Why do some coaching conversations result in sustainable change - whereas others seem to have no impact? We will teach you the alchemy of change that leads to transformation and how to get results from your coaching conversations.


Contracting and Ethics

You will learn how to contract like a professional and set up the coaching conversation with an agenda that makes a difference. Also how ethics plays a role in any coaching engagement.

The New Alchemy Of Leadership

A balance of People, Power and Performance

Our expert facilitators will provide you with a deep understanding of the driving forces of human behaviour and team dynamics, enabling you to help others reach their full potential and navigate complex business environments.

With our comprehensive coaching methods, you can immediately put effective psychological tools into practice that create inner inspiration, help you build a phenomenal team and excel as a leader.

professional coaching in ontology

Scaffold people to belong and have healthy relationships.

Foster people’s innate power to excel in their roles and lives.

Enable people to make a healthy impact in all they do.

A Limited Opportunity To Learn

How To Lead From The 'Inside Out'

Be part of the growing trend of successful leaders and managers who are realising they need to build themselves from the 'inside out'. As you build from the inside out - you will notice you have more internal resources, more resilience and more self-regulation to manage and lead so much more effectively.

Come and Learn More About How to Do This Using Coaching Skills as Your Jet Fuel.

Challenge Yourself

to Coach-Lead and Reap These Rewards:


Improved Communication Skills

Coaching leaders know how to listen actively, ask the right questions and provide feedback that empowers team members to grow and develop. This leads to clearer and more effective communication, reducing misunderstandings and conflicts in the workplace.


Increased Employee Engagement

When leaders take the time to coach and develop their team members, they show that they care about their success and well-being. This can boost employee engagement, motivation and productivity, leading to a more positive work environment.


More effective problem-solving

Coaching leaders encourage team members to think critically and creatively, which can lead to more effective problem-solving and innovation. By empowering team members to come up with their own solutions, coaching leaders can create a more agile and adaptable team.


Enhanced leadership skills

When leaders understand how to be a coach, they develop a nuanced and effective leadership style. Coaching leaders are more likely to inspire trust, collaboration and respect from their team members, leading to more successful outcomes for everyone involved.

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Better retention rates

Coaching leaders create a culture of continuous learning and development, which can increase employee loyalty and retention rates. Employees are more likely to stay with a company that invests in their growth and development.

Master Your Mind & Emotions and

Transform Yourself as a Leader

60+ Years Of Wisdom From Our Master Coaches

World Renowned Companies Who We Worked With

Elevate Your Leadership Game

in Just 48 Hours

In this 2-Days Leader as Coach Intensive programme you will benefit from world-class, hands-on instruction that empowers you to transform your leadership approach and make an immediate impact on your team's success.

Secure your place for with a $75 deposit ($575 full-price) today while you still can!

Only 20 seats available.

If for any reason at all, if you aren't satisfied with our program... you have a full 30 days, to email us and receive a 100% Money Back no questions asked.

transformation stories from Leaders like you

I recently attended an executive leadership programme that was designed to increase and grow strength in this space with a small number of colleagues at Carnival UK. Pheona’s sessions were designed to ensure everyone was included and engaged at all times, accommodating many different styles and mindsets. The pace of the programme and way in which the topics and modules were covered resulted by far in one the most rewarding and thorough courses I’ve been attended to date. The strengths and ‘new muscle’ I’ve grown from this programme and continue to practice has benefited me greatly in continuing to improve my leadership style, expanded my toolkit on how I engage and support team members and peers and achieve our shared goals.
Pheona has supported our organisation over the past 5 years facilitating senior Leadership programmes and coaching key individuals. Pheona has a calm and subtle approach that pushes teams outside of their comfort zones enabling them to rethink and reframe they way they work and behave. Her depth of knowledge and experience is evident in the way she develops people and teams. Pheona's sessions are highly interactive, thought provoking and at times challenging. Delegate feedback is always excellent with practical examples of the difference the learning has made. I cannot recommend Pheona highly enough for her professionalism, integrity and wisdom.
I recently had the opportunity to attend a [second] Leadership Strength Programme, facilitated by Pheona. Pheona is an experienced, informative, and insightful coach who helped me gain more confidence in the workplace and made me think more deeply about my role as a leader. Pheona works at a good pace and coaches in styles that fits with everyone. Pheona kept our group engaged the whole time throughout the programme. She helped me change my approach and outlook both personally and professionally and I would highly recommend Pheona as a coach to anyone who gets the opportunity to work with her.
I was fortunate enough to undertake a leadership development course and 1:1 coaching with Pheona and although it may seem dramatic to say, the perspective she gave, the mechanisms she taught me and the ways she helped me reframe my thinking have been totally transformative for me in both my professional and personal life. I've connected more deeply with my team, had the confidence to be open about my boundaries and my talents and identified the limiting beliefs that were holding me back at work. I'd heartily recommend her to anyone.
I have just completed a series of three coaching sessions with Pheona. What a fantastic experience. She gently led me to a deeper understanding of my own behaviours and has helped me create a meaningful plan that builds on areas of my career and self development. I would say that some of the insight I’ve gained has been profound and needless to say I gained massively from taking the time to talk with her and trust in the process she took me through. I would highly recommend Pheona.
During 2019 I experienced the leadership programme from Pheona. During this programme we talked about leadership models, how to influence, Belbin roles and many more. Pheona also took us on a personal journey. Find your why, learn about yourself and about who I am. This made me conscious of my behavior as a leader, how i can develop and grow the coming years. Pheona found the right balance between theory, personal insights, team development and as we called fluffy stuff. I both learned and enjoyed this programme very much and can recommend this to everyone who wants to grow and develop as a leader, or to every company who wants to improve team work.
Richella has been my business & performance coach for almost a year now and in that time, she has offered me world-class coaching that I am continually grateful for. In my opinion, it is rare to find a coach who can repeatedly evoke a sense of new insight and positive transformation in another, and that is exactly what Richella has done for me. Through her coaching, it is evident that Richella has a wealth of knowledge and experience, particularly in the areas of neuroscience/performance/leadership coaching and this undoubtedly raises the quality & impactfulness of her coaching to a completely different level!
Richella's passion and commitment to Coaching powered by Neuroscience is one of her many brilliant qualities. I had the pleasure of partnering up with Richella for six professional Coaching & Mentoring sessions, each session propelled me forward with new thinking in a thought provoking and meaningful way. Richella has the ability to build rapport quickly and get to the story behind the story. I recommend Richella highly as a Coach, and as a facilitator for the Diploma in Coaching with Neuroscience course I completed with Positive Success Group. The transformation Richella evoked in me has been a real game changer for my growth and development.
I work with Richella to arrange training for corporate clients in both public and private sector. Richella delivers training for us on topics ranging from Leadership to The Science of Stress Regulation and feedback is consistently excellent. Participants love her energy and training style. From my perspective as a person arranging training, Richella is wonderful to work alongside. First and foremost I know the client will be well looked after and receive first-rate training. But also Richella is easy to deal with. She responds quickly to requests and is straightforward. She is reliable and always very pleasant. She has amazing energy and an exceptional facilitative approach.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend both Richella and Sandown Business School, because I've had the joyful experience of working with her in two separate capacities. Firstly she offered me expert coaching at a time when my life had reached a crossroads, providing guidance and clarity when I found myself at a difficult juncture. Richella did this in her own unique enthusiastic style - as a client I discovered that her positive approach to life is quite contagious, she's always informed, never patronizing and manages to get to the root of the issue quickly.
Richella has been a tremendous support for me. She knows when to simply listen, positively challenge or push me out of your comfort zone while always routing for me. I already trusted her during my corporate journey and she has now become a fantastic coaching supervisor for me with her strong business acumen.
I cannot recommend Richella Boggan enough for her friendly approach to people of all abilities, her lengthy knowledge of coaching and neuroscience, plus, her genuine kindness to support all clients to reach their personal and professional goals in life.

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