Reflection – Coachability Part 1 (Lens of Coach)

Understanding coachability is important for a coach. Reflecting on the perspective of coachability needing both the ‘right coach, right client’ from the two powerhouse voices of Richella Bogan and Pheona Croom Johnson at Sandown Business School we will explore in this reflection the lens of the coach and coachability. The other side to this – as a client how do you make sure you are partnering with the right coach – we will look at in Part 2 of this reflection piece.

Both lenses, the lens of the coach and client together form the pieces of the jigsaw of coachability. I would certainly advocate for any coach and client to have worked through this jigsaw of coachability to reach a strong awareness and clarity for any coaching partnership.

For any coach, taking time to ask yourself, am I the ‘right coach’ for this client, and is this the ‘right client’ for me as the coach will ensure there is a coachable partnership. So what are some of the areas to consider to achieve this – here are my thoughts:

1. As a coach, we are responsible to get the ‘right client’. Now we are not talking about someone who holds the same values, beliefs, and experiences as you – we are talking about a coaching partnership that is a space for equal partnership between you as the coach and the client. So, where this fit is not in place, it is your responsibility as the coach to hold your professional coaching boundary and the Global Code of Ethics.

2. Being clear and realistic with yourself and your experience as a coach. Where you are holding a chemistry check space with a potential client and their agenda is not right for you and your experience to date as a coach, hold your professional boundary as a coach and refer the client on to coach in your network. While referring a client on to another coach in your coaching network may send chills down the spine of a coach; a coach’s brand is something to protect and nurture, it is your coaching fingerprint!

3. Get yourself a coach supervisor – the reflection around coachability is one that you need to bring to your supervisor. Supervision is brilliant – for me it is like holding your pencil and ensuring that you keep it sharp. Invest in a supervisor that will hold healthy challenge and a space of transformation for you as a coach!

4. By understanding a client’s coachability, you can tailor your coaching approach to their specific needs.

5. A coachable client is more likely to take action, leading to greater progress and growth.

6. When you understand your client’s coachability, you can build a better rapport and establish a stronger trust with them. By using an approach that is tailored to their needs, you show that you understand and respect them as an individual, which can lead to better results.

Overall, understanding coachability is important because it helps you be a more effective coach and helps your clients achieve their agendas more successfully.

By Susie Leacy, Student at Sandown Business School.

Studying the Master Diploma in Leadership Coaching & Mentoring with Science, Artistry and Science.


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