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Embark on a fulfilling coach or mentor career with Sandown Business School. Discover our comprehensive programmes, expert faculty and hands-on training to kick-start your journey as a successful coach.

Are you looking for a career as a Life Coach, Career Coach? Or do you envision yourself as an Executive Coach, Business Coach or a Leader involved in coaching and mentoring in the workplace?

Say Yes to becoming a Professionally Accredited Coach and find your pathway to a career in coaching!

Develop as a professional coach

by choosing one of our globally accredited and award winning training programmes

Business ALL STAR

Recognising The Needs Of Today

A Hybrid Business School Enriched By The Latest Research And 50+ Years Of Experience

Sandown Business School is one of the newest, trusted and high quality hybrid business schools run by professionals with over 50 years of experience. We are also run one of the few treble accredited programmes by the ICF, EMCC and AC.

Our programmes are enriched by the latest knowledge & research joined together with our commercial, coaching and leadership experiences. Sandown Business School exists in service of the recognition for today’s need to be a lifelong learner, offering the benefits of coaching and mentoring in challenging the status quo and unlocking potential at every level while co-creating your desired outcomes.

Science-Backed Coaching Methodology

The New Science Of Coaching With Science, Artistry And Systems

Our signature coaching approach is designed to develop coaches and coach mentors to meet the highest quality standards, helping them learn how to coach to meet the needs of our modern world, filling in the gaps in development areas.

We also support leaders to build successful teams in a digital workplace by focusing on the whole-system human leader.

Join us and discover the Alchemy of Coaching, which balances the wisdom of Science, Artistry and Systems.


Evolutionary heritage

We have evolved to adapt to changing environments and identify threats to ensure our survival. As a side-effect, we also tend to tolerate undesirable circumstances for too long and overemphasize otherwise less threatening situations. Awareness is vital to realise when our coding serves us.


Master your mind

Developing effective reflective practices that shifts unconscious behaviour to conscious behaviour leaving you with a new mindset that creates choices for you to make the most of every opportunity.


Study of 'being'

How effectively we operate depends on our actual and perceived reality and how far that is from our desired reality. We must understand what we want and what we need to do about our current situation to get closer to that ideal state.


Unlocking potential

True artistry enables the mastery in you to emerge. Learn how to skilfully interweave your knowledge, skills, ability, capability and most importantly - you - so that you are bringing your artistry to all you touch.


Interconnected living

Systemic awareness is being consciously aware of all that is supporting us, all that is emerging around us and all that is impacting us - directly and mostly indirectly. Becoming aware of the interconnectedness of all our systems is a step towards becoming more empowered and resilient.

Your Roadmap To Coaching & Mentoring Success

Go From Aspiring Coach to a Certified Expert, One Step at a Time

Discover the ultimate pathway to coaching success at Sandown Business School.

Our programmes take you on a transformative journey, empowering you to evolve from an aspiring coach to a certified expert. Walk away with all you need to succeed as a professional, fully credentialed coach.

Each step along the way is carefully designed to build your skills, knowledge and confidence, ensuring you become a highly sought-after professional in the coaching industry. Embark on this rewarding adventure and unlock your true coaching potential with our expert facilitators.

The Coaching & Mentoring Pathway

Open Event

Get all your coaching related questions answered.

Learn more

SBS Certificate in Coaching

Curious about Coaching? This is the best place to start.

Learn more

Practitioner Diploma

Setting the foundations as a professionally accredited coach.

Learn more

Advanced Practitioner Diploma

Start here if you are serious about building a coaching business.

Learn more

Master Diploma

Fast-Track your Coaching Career and Business and achieve Mastery.

Learn more

The Leader as Coach Pathway

Open Event

Get all your coaching related questions answered.

Learn more

Leader as Coach Workshop

Learn how to become a leader-coach.

Learn more

2 Day Leader as Coach

Incorporate coaching into people development.

Learn more

Professional Award in Executive Coaching

Learn modern day coaching skills you can integrate quickly into your role.

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Unlock Your Potential

Choose Your Coaching Path to Success

Our hands-on coaching programmes will help you master essential skills, strategies and mindsets to reach the next level in your career and life. Select the option that best matches your current needs and ambitions.

Professional Award in Executive Coaching with Science, Artistry and Systems

This programme is run over

12 weeks

Modular (online)

12 weeks, 75 hours

Apply for a detailed Student Prospectus now and see what fits your schedule.


Early bird discounts available.

Globally Accredited Practitioner Diploma in Coaching with Science, Artistry and Systems

This programme is run over

7 months

and is currently run online

Modular (online)

7 months, 107 hours + 25 hours pro-bono

Apply for a detailed Student Prospectus now and see what fits your schedule.


Early bird discounts available.

Globally Accredited Advanced Diploma in Coaching with Science, Artistry and Systems

This programme is run over

10 months

and is currently run online

Modular (online)

10 months, 191 hours + 40 hours pro-bono

Apply for a detailed Student Prospectus now and see what fits your schedule.


Early bird discounts available.

Master Diploma in Leadership Coaching and Mentoring With Science, Artistry and Systems

This programme is restricted in numbers, tailored to your learning requirements and runs over
13 months

Modular (online)

13 months, 270 hours + 60 hours paid and pro-bono

Apply for a detailed Student Prospectus now and see how this fits your schedule. Book your place for Autumn 2023.


Early bird discounts available.

Scan the QR code or click the Buy button to secure your spot to any of the programmes with a €250 deposit


Still Unsure

About Your Decision?

We've put together the key features of our programmes in one place to help you find the best solution for you.

All programmes have been built to suit anyone with a busy job or life and guaranteed to produce huge returns in saved energy and time in the future.

A Transformational Learning Experience

Developing Coaches fit for any coaching niche

We will give you a robust toolbox filled to the brim with practical techniques, methods, theories and processes you can put into action immediately. Our purpose is to equip you with the skills that put you in the elite of any coaching niche.

Armed with the skills and insights taught in our programme, you will transform the way you work with individuals and teams, fostering a culture of productivity, morale and success. Once these tools become second nature, you'll wonder how you ever lived without them.


Learning Approach

Our teaching is based on a spiral learning curriculum which has three key principles:

(1) Cyclical Learning,
(2) Increasing Depth on each iteration, and
(3) Learning by building on prior knowledge.

Jerome Bruner (1960) developed a curriculum design in which key concepts are presented repeatedly throughout the curriculum, but with deepening layers of complexity, or in different applications. As each of the layers becomes internally activated and accepted, the learner can move on to the next layer, building their skill, confidence and ultimately - mastery.


Training Approach

We take a person-centred approach to adult learning.

Our programmes are experiential; learning by doing, being, questioning, developing and authentically becoming more you.

We will show you how to develop a reflective practice, deepen self-awareness and recognise any limiting beliefs. All of which will equip you throughout your professional and personal life. Embedded in all our programmes is feedforward which you will receive from peers, tutors and, if you choose, a mentor coach (which can be used as part of your accreditation portfolio).


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is formed by the belief that everyone has the right to pursue knowledge

There are three methodologies we use to explore knowledge: Science, Artistry and Systems. These three methodologies are currently expressed through Neuroscience, Psychology and Ontology.

Our working definitions are:

Neuroscience – Scientific study of the nervous system
Psychology – Scientific study of the mind and behaviour
Ontology – Study on the nature of being


Coaching Structure

The Alchemy archetype runs throughout our training methods. We believe in the following:

• Alchemists believe in endless possibilities.
• Alchemists are motivated to manifest new and more compassionate visions for themselves and the world.
• Alchemists are motivated to act.
• Alchemists are curious.
• Alchemists are catalysts.
• Alchemists are innovators.

If you can tick any of these traits – our programmes are designed with you in mind.

If this resonates with your aspirations as a learner,

we invite you to experience our rigorous yet transformative programme first hand.

Let us know how we can support you on your journey towards mastery.

What Can You Expect

From Us

We want our legacy to be the development of high calibre global coaching programmes.

We are committed to the pursuit of excellence based on robust science, honouring the uniqueness of each developing coach. We have designed stimulating, demanding and enjoyable programmes that will bring out and develop your own inherent knowledge and abilities. Be prepared to grow and develop.

Quality is Paramount

Our programmes will enable you to gain the most up-to-date globally recognised professional coaching qualifications.

Our Signature models have been developed over many years of experience. Our facilitators hold coaching credentials with the following professional bodies: ICF/EMCC and AC. They are Master Certified Coaches and have extensive business & organisational experience.

You are in amazing hands.

'How You are is How You Coach'

We have adapted a well known quote to align with one of our core beliefs 'How you are is how you coach'. Therefore you can expect:

a) support as you challenge your filters, bias and assumptions; b) to embed your learning by practice, observation and receive feedforward from a variety of sources; and most importantly c) to deepen and enrich your understanding of you.

This is our invitation to you. Come and develop your authentic self, align your inner-net, know who you are, how to remain balanced, resourced and strong in yourself. Develop the ability to listen and question to a healthy impact level that is in service of your client. Know how to focus on your client’s agenda, bring all of you to the conversation and ultimately make the difference for your client's potential. We know how amazing you are – the question is … do you?

Remember - Healthy Coaches Coach Healthily

Who Will Benefit From Our Coaching & Mentoring Programmes?

Our world is evolving faster than we are developing our adaptation skills! Never in the world's history have humans been asked to cope with so many demands on their attention, energy and focus. We therefore need different types of intelligences and capabilities, integrated into our way of being, in order to thrive not merely survive.

Whilst traditional Linear Coaching supports you to get things done and to move forward quickly. It does raise a question - is there a real change? Or is the change in the 'doing' rather than the 'being'?

We, at SBS, focus on just that - how to change 'being' which results in transformational change. Our approach provides a systemic biological transformation that enables the individual to 'be' more rather than just 'do' more. We provide a whole-system approach to coaching. What does this mean? You (and your clients) will be able to make quality decisions, regulate your energy and manage your internal nervous system triggers. All of which automatically translates into being more resilient, more creative and ultimately being grounded with a healthy nervous system based in Reward - not Threat.

Employ Science, Artistry And Systems In Coaching And

Stay Ahead of The Curve

You Need To Say Yes To This Programme If...

Our treble Accredited Programmes

Develop Market Ready Coaches and Coach Mentors and Develops Future Leaders

Act Now...

Stay Ahead!

The Market Expects Coaches to Have The Right Credentials

And From Recognised Globally Accrediting Bodies.

According to the World Economic Forum in the Fifth Industrial Revolution, humans and machines will dance together, metaphorically.

This will allow for a more humanistic, somatic and human-centred approach to coaching. It needs a school of ethics dedicated to enabling coaches and clients to be safe. Progressive accrediting bodies like the ICF, EMCC and AC are essential in future-proofing the service offer of coaching to organisations and individuals. Therefore before you say yes to any programme, ensure it is fully accredited by a globally recognised association and not just offers hours towards possible credentials.

Our Accreditation Pathway

Can make a world of difference to Coaches

"The programme is amazing Pheona. I have been on many courses including a masters and have never received the level of detail and well-thought-out content as is in this programme. I am delighted to be able to take the course. Thank you."

Nicole K.

Trends That Are Shaping

The Future of Coaching & Mentoring

Does This

Feel Like You?

If you can identify with any or all of these, we have good news, you are in the perfect place!

What Can You Expect?

The Sandown Business School Difference
a treble accredited school by the ICF, EMCC and AC

Traditional Approach

Our Approach

transformation stories from Our Students

I recently attended an executive leadership programme that was designed to increase and grow strength in this space with a small number of colleagues at Carnival UK. Pheona’s sessions were designed to ensure everyone was included and engaged at all times, accommodating many different styles and mindsets. The pace of the programme and way in which the topics and modules were covered resulted by far in one the most rewarding and thorough courses I’ve been attended to date. The strengths and ‘new muscle’ I’ve grown from this programme and continue to practice has benefited me greatly in continuing to improve my leadership style, expanded my toolkit on how I engage and support team members and peers and achieve our shared goals.
Pheona has supported our organisation over the past 5 years facilitating senior Leadership programmes and coaching key individuals. Pheona has a calm and subtle approach that pushes teams outside of their comfort zones enabling them to rethink and reframe they way they work and behave. Her depth of knowledge and experience is evident in the way she develops people and teams. Pheona's sessions are highly interactive, thought provoking and at times challenging. Delegate feedback is always excellent with practical examples of the difference the learning has made. I cannot recommend Pheona highly enough for her professionalism, integrity and wisdom.
I recently had the opportunity to attend a [second] Leadership Strength Programme, facilitated by Pheona. Pheona is an experienced, informative, and insightful coach who helped me gain more confidence in the workplace and made me think more deeply about my role as a leader. Pheona works at a good pace and coaches in styles that fits with everyone. Pheona kept our group engaged the whole time throughout the programme. She helped me change my approach and outlook both personally and professionally and I would highly recommend Pheona as a coach to anyone who gets the opportunity to work with her.
Richella has been my business & performance coach for almost a year now and in that time, she has offered me world-class coaching that I am continually grateful for. In my opinion, it is rare to find a coach who can repeatedly evoke a sense of new insight and positive transformation in another, and that is exactly what Richella has done for me. Through her coaching, it is evident that Richella has a wealth of knowledge and experience, particularly in the areas of neuroscience/performance/leadership coaching and this undoubtedly raises the quality & impactfulness of her coaching to a completely different level!
Richella's passion and commitment to Coaching powered by Neuroscience is one of her many brilliant qualities. I had the pleasure of partnering up with Richella for six professional Coaching & Mentoring sessions, each session propelled me forward with new thinking in a thought provoking and meaningful way. Richella has the ability to build rapport quickly and get to the story behind the story. I recommend Richella highly as a Coach, and as a facilitator for the Diploma in Coaching with Neuroscience course I completed with Positive Success Group. The transformation Richella evoked in me has been a real game changer for my growth and development.
I work with Richella to arrange training for corporate clients in both public and private sector. Richella delivers training for us on topics ranging from Leadership to The Science of Stress Regulation and feedback is consistently excellent. Participants love her energy and training style. From my perspective as a person arranging training, Richella is wonderful to work alongside. First and foremost I know the client will be well looked after and receive first-rate training. But also Richella is easy to deal with. She responds quickly to requests and is straightforward. She is reliable and always very pleasant. She has amazing energy and an exceptional facilitative approach.

Ready to Help People

Adapt to the modern environment and really thrive?

Ignite high impact performance, real resilience and unlock Your, Your Clients or Your Teams full potential.....

Coaching enables transformation all the way through your organisation. By modelling SAS coaching behaviours Leaders and Managers will be 'Walking their Talk'. This is becoming vital for organisations to achieve their mission critical tasks. Coaching is a source of cultural strength and everyone in key leadership positions has, at one time or another, lacked the skills to manage people, performance and power.

How coaching is revealed in the workplace today involves balancing directive and non-directive coaching styles. With the right approach, tools and support, almost any Leader or Manager can become a great coach.

The concept of workplace coaching represents an evolution. Making it happen as an everyday practice throughout many layers of an organisation is illustrated here.

Talk to us about coach training for organisations

We offer a comprehensive range of internal coach training and ongoing development opportunities, including accredited coach training, specialist coach training & supervision.

We also offer Executive Coaching 1:1 Get in contact for more information

Join Us And Discover How Professional Coaching Accreditation Can Be

The Rocket Fuel of Potential And Possibility

Ingrain Skills With A Variety Of Engaging And Unique Activities

Programme Launch

Getting to know your group. Being clear of your starting position. Set up the course expectations and set your goals. Getting to know your peers and starting your coaching journey.


Events focused on how to work with clients using bespoke tools that will immediately bring reward and balance to your clients.

Observed Practice

During observed practices you will receive feedback/feedforward from our trained assessors plus develop your own inner coach to determine your level of competency.

Skills Practice Groups (SPG)

Sessions with peers practicing competencies and skills aligned with course content. 


Your bespoke LMS platform guides you through your learning journey. Everything you need and more is on our system. We add additional resources at different stages depending on the coaching trends and business trends.

The Next Generation Of

We have developed a specially crafted learning experience that we know you will love. Effortless, Engaging and Effective training that includes interactive videos, e-books, quizzes, embedding exercises, assessments, certificates and belonging within a community.

Accreditation Camps

Celebrate your efforts with peers from all walks of life and share your learnings and experiences. Become part of a supportive community to keep up-to-date with the coaching world and get your questions answered when needed.

Learn And Grow On The Go!

Experience The Next Generation Of E-Learning

Research has found that remote learning maximises individual productivity through flexibility. Post pandemic, individuals are recognising the complex relationship between learning, wellbeing, workplace and social life.

Priorities have shifted towards a tighter integration of learning, work and personal needs. Successful learning-life integration requires savvy goal prioritisation.

We therefore have a unique opportunity to reimagine how digital technology can be more effective for individuals to learn remotely. With the developing digital capability, individuals can take advantage of learning online whilst harmonising work, life and learning.

We have developed a specially crafted learning experience that we know you will love. Effortless, Engaging and Effective training that includes interactive videos, e-books, quizzes, embedding exercises, assessments, certificates and belonging within a community.

Highlighted Benefits

Professional Resources

To Aid Your Success

Take A Peak Into Our Signature Workbooks and Learning Materials

Our Workbooks and Learning Materials are two of the many ways in which our programmes set us apart from other coach training organisations. We are not just seeking to ‘impart’ knowledge about coaching, how to be a good or even a great coach, what coaching skills are and how to use them. Instead, we are engaging our students to really ‘know’ who they are, recognise that ‘how they are’ and ‘how they show up’ dramatically impacts their coaching, their client, the systems and ultimately their business.

We are supporting our students to build their own Coach Signature. This provides them with the confidence to stand apart from the treadmill of other coaches. During our programmes our students develop their internal referencing to strengthen, equip and empower them from the inside … out. Whilst knowledge is useful and can provide confidence in our capabilities, on its own it is not enough. Instead we need: Knowledge+ embodied understanding + systemic awareness+ at the core … compassion (for self and other).

Our Upcoming Programmes run by a PCC and ACTC credentialed Master Executive Coach.

Mentor Coaching
The Credential Pathway

Are you a Coach wanting to achieve real mastery in your coaching? Or a Trainer, Mentor and/or Supervisor wanting to deepen your practice? Do you need to save time and money to get the competencies embedded into your mind and practice? Come and learn how to master the ICF competencies at ACC and PCC level and integrate them effortlessly into your practice.

Advanced Certification in Team Coaching

Recognise the power of teams to innovate and drive their business or mission forward. Get ahead of the curve and prepare now for your ICF Advanced Certification in Team Coaching (ACTC). This certification has been designed by Sandown Business School to recognise the knowledge, skill and competence of team coaches in this complex discipline of coaching practice.

60+ Years Of Wisdom
From Our Master Coaches & Mentors

Be Free Series - Thrive with EuStress

This is your complete monthly programme. By purchasing this option, you will receive access to all the materials relating to your chosen topic. This topic includes weekly additional learning materials which have been specifically developed with the topic in mind...

Be Free Series - Thrive with EuStress (mini)

This is your 'mini' monthly programme. By purchasing this option, you will receive access to materials relating to your chosen topic. This topic includes weekly access to a video designed and prepared by Master Coaches, weekly worksheets designed to accompany...

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