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Sandown Business School has a number of services for both the Coaching and Leadership Academies. Please reach out for our Prospectuses for further information. You are guaranteed each programme, group, individual activity has been designed with a tried and tested format in mind, tailored to your individual requirements. We aim to provide you with a robust toolbox filled to the brim with practical techniques, methods, theories and processes you can put into action immediately.

Our purpose is to equip you to become the Leader, Coach and/or Supervisor you aspire to become. Act today …

Catalysts for Personal and/or Professional Development - Coaching​

Choose from our Master Panel of accredited Coaches. All of whom hold either ICF, EMCC and/or AC credentials. They have vast experience in business and professional environments and are ready to support your personal and professional success. What will make the difference between your predictable future and the life and career you want to design? What we know is that it takes one brave decision. Partner with us and make that decision today….

Come and join one of our specially themed regular closed groups for coaching. These groups are themed around; personal, business and/or professional goals. As we know, groups provide engagement and safety with a real opportunity for learning – whatever your learning style.

You will be part of an inclusive and diverse group of peers, together for 6 sessions and each group has limited spaces. Register your interest to stay informed about the next series of group coaching sessions.

Working with teams can be rewarding and challenging. However, it can be easy to become embedded in the system you are coaching into…!

Our support as your Team Coach Supervisor (ACTC credentialed) will be to strengthen your system awareness, co-partner with you on your team interventions and support your personal wellbeing. Our approach is to provide space for reflection, bring healthy challenge, design creative enquiries and keep you fresh, impactful and on top of your game. Come and work with our experienced Team Coach Supervisors and gain insight and support to support your professional practice.

Everybody knows the whole is greater than the sum of the parts and yet we still set up systems within businesses without the awareness of how to leverage a coherent complex system.

This is where Team Group Supervision makes a difference. We focus on the patterns and the interdependencies between the systems. Seeking to create : Co-creation, Interdependency and creativity of innovation.

Come and challenge (and be challenged by) your own patterns, behaviours, filters, assumptions, bias and walk away fully resourced as a practicing coach.

Contact us about your CPD and meet your accreditation standards by engaging with one or our fully qualified and experienced Supervisors. 

Come to a safe space where your professional practice can live, breathe and learn. Group supervision plays a vital role in developing as an all-round coach. It is here you can experience how other coaches … coach.

We run two types of Supervision groups –

Open Groups and/or Closed Groups. Request our prospectus for further details. Ensure you reserve your space by booking now to ensure you are part of the next group.

We are licensed practitioners for the following psychometrics and profile assessments: 

Coaching Signature Profiles; EQi2.0; Motivational Maps; DISC; MTQ48 (resilience psychometric) and Motivational Mapping.

Catalysts for Personal and/or Professional Development - Leadership

Choose from our Accredited Coaches who have vast experience in business and professional environments and are ready to support your leadership and professional success.

What will make the difference between your predictable leadership style and the leadership style you know supports your future ambition. What we know is that it takes one brave decision. Partner with us and make that decision today….

Ask us how we can help you build healthy, courageous teams using our 3P’s signature model – People, Power and Performance.

We co-develop in-house team coaching/training to achieve your team goals. Our programme embraces a neuroplastic approach, which is built over a period of sessions. Central is the team’s need for trust, psychological safety and emotionally intelligent interpersonal awareness.

Come to a space where you can challenge your own patterns, behaviours, filters, assumptions, bias and walk away fully resourced as an empowered leader.

Contact us about your CPD and meet your leadership development requirements by engaging with one or our fully qualified and experienced Leadership Supervisors.

A variety of specialised unique one day online/live courses focused on current business challenges. Each one-day course offers high impact, results driven content which can be immediately applied. The content is emergent and will be updated as often as the research and/or business needs change direction and focus.

The courses are written using spiral learning and will therefore be experiential, theory based with the aim of transferring skills learnt into the ‘Why’ ‘What’ and ‘How’ of Leadership and Performance. We recognise the needs today are about People, Power and Performance – hence the development of our Signature Approach. These workshops are run by experienced Facilitators, Master Coaches and/or international experts in their field.

We have developed a catalogue of high impact workshops where you can select the priority 3, 5 and/or 8 workshops that best serve your organisational requirements.

Each workshop is 2 hours and delivered online. Additional support materials are available and are optional depending on learning goals. These include pre and post workshop video learning content, e-workbooks and post-workshop embedding exercises using our bespoke Learning Management System.

These workshops have been designed by experienced facilitators and trainers who have been working in businesses and organisations for over 50 years. They are tried and tested with together, we can partner the specific measurable outcomes for your organisation. 

Get in touch today to discuss how these workshops will work for you.

We are licensed practitioners in the following psychometrics and profile assessments: Leadership Circle Profile (360); DISC; Motivational Maps; MBTI® Steps I and II; FIRO-B®; HOGAN® (HDS, HPI & MVPI); Facet 5; McQuaig; EQi2.0; MTQ48 (resilience psychometric); SDI; 360°assessment Benchmarks® and TKI.


Why do you need to be accredited as a Coach?

The world of coaching is changing with incredible speed. Accreditation is becoming much more important. We are sure in the near future, all coaches will need to be aligned to one of the main accreditation bodies in order to practice.  Reviewing current thinking in coaching, the ICF have produced three statements that they believe are future trends for coaching, we have reprinted the third statement here:

“Confirmation of Qualifications by the ICF

Coaching remains an unregulated industry, but it is moving toward becoming more mainstream every day. For this reason, quality assurance is becoming a priority for businesses and individuals who hire coaches.

When coaching was initially on the rise, credentials and qualifications were an optional bonus rather than a requirement. Now, this tendency has shifted as more clients request confirmation of qualifications when hiring coaches”.

This has certainly been our experience and the experience of those we work with.”


Now is the time to ensure your qualifications and credentials are aligned with your excellent practice.

If you are new to coaching, you will be adopting best practice from the start of your career by aligning with one or more accreditation bodies; or if you are a seasoned coach wanting to stay relevant and informed as coaching strides forward – gather together your experience and wisdom to ensure you are not left behind.

All our accredited programmes have been written specifically with the ICF, EMCC and AC in mind. All programmes elements ensure you are able to apply for the level of accreditation you need, once you have attained the coaching hours required.

For those of you who are hoping to transfer other coach training programmes hours – the ICF issue all accredited providers with guidelines for how to manage the transfer.  Unless you can demonstrate you have completed coach training at the standards required by the ICF – only 1/3 of the hours count. This is important for you to know and why we have made sure our main programmes are treble accredited – you will not get caught out with our programmes.

All accreditation bodies have specific requirements to be eligible to apply for their credential. We would encourage you to visit their respective websites to ensure you have the specified number of coaching hours (paid or unpaid), the required hours of working with a Mentor Coach and/or a Coach Supervisor (our programmes are able to offer this service). 

                              Get in touch to see how we can best support you to make accreditation easy.

Our programmes meet the high standards of the ICF and we have easily achieved the requirements of Level 1 and Level 2 accreditation. This means you will have the right coach training to apply for a ACC or PCC with the ICF when you complete our training. 

AC have three different accreditation pathways that match our programme Structure. AACT (Accredited Award in Coach Training) which is our Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching, ACCT (Accredited Certificate in Coach Training) which is our Practitioner Diploma and the ADCT (Accreditation Diploma in Coach Training) which is our Advanced Practitioner Diploma in Coaching.

EMCC have two EIA accreditations matching our programme structure. EMCC Practitioner which is our Practitioner Diploma in Coaching (Level 5) and this is a full practitioner programme not just hours towards) and Senior Practitioner (which is our Advanced Practitioner Diploma in Coaching). Both programmes have the EQA standard required for coach education.

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